ADAM McINNES | visual effects

BIOGRAPHY January 2024

Adam is a BAFTA®, EMMY® and VES Award Winning VFX Supervisor and Producer and former Netflix Studio Executive. 

He has substantial, wide ranging experience covering productions from prime time dramas and major TV series, to feature films both Studio and Independent. He brings an extensive blend of creative, innovative and technical abilities to his work with a thorough understanding of producing the highest quality visual effects for Film and TV on a wide range of budgets

Joining Netflix in 2019, founding and building out the UK VFX Studio Executive team and delivering several of UK’s most successful titles, as well as leading the formation of International Original Films, Adam then returned to pursue his passion on the production side in 2022. His latest credits are on the hugely successful “House of the Dragon” for HBO, assisting in post on the delivery on S1 and continuing into S2.

Previous production-side experience includes covering both roles of the VFX Supervisor & Producer on BAFTA Award winning “Troy - Fall of a City,” an 8 part series for BBC/Netflix. Also the BAFTA Nominated Sky ONE feature length special “The Last Dragonslayer,” the Independent 35mm feature film “The Last Days on Mars,” and Working Title’s “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.” All together encompassing animated creatures, extensive environments, digital water, and complex fx animation.

Notably, Adam was HBO’s show-side VFX Supervisor for the first season of the highly acclaimed series “Game of Thrones” for which he received his 3rd EMMY Nomination and a VES Award. He was previously awarded an EMMY and received a VES nomination for HBO’s “Generation Kill” and received an EMMY nomination for Hallmark’s "The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns"

Adam has also worked on the vendor side as VFX Supervisor with several leading companies including: 

• Double Negative - Patient Zero, Pete’s Dragon, Denial, and Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot

• Cinesite - The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, World War Z

• The Senate VFX - The Martian, Muppets Most Wanted!

• Jim Henson's Creature Shop -  a variety of Film, TV and commercials

Joining the industry in 1982, as a Technical Assistant in studio engineering and operations for BBC Television, Adam began developing his interest in visual effects. Working his way up through studio operations and lighting, in 1987 he was appointed Video Effects Supervisor at a time when digital effects as we know it now was just emerging. During that time technology evolved from working ‘live’ in studios with analogue video in post, through digital online video editing to the introduction of desktop SGI computers. Leaving the BBC in 1996 to pursue work in film, he has worked as a compositor and then supervisor for several visual effects facilities as well as an independent Visual Effects Supervisor on a number of productions. 

Having worked initially with Broadcast Video, then Film, and now with Digital acquisition being the norm for features as well as series, Adam has grown and maintained a thorough understanding of cameras, formats and workflows, right from the early days of testing and proving the D20 with Arri for extensive Bluescreen production in 2006, then with Alexa for ‘Game of Thrones in 2010 beginning HBO’s departure from Film, plus RED on a number projects including stereoscopic ‘The Martian’ and now working and delivering 4K UHD HDR as standard.

On the production-side Adam has gained valuable experience of the funding process over the years through his work with independents, and has demonstrated the ability to budget and manage visual effects production from script to screen. His technical understanding of post-production workflows and editorial completes an all-round end-to-end proficiency of the entire production process.